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'For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.' - Benjamin Franklin -

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'fundamentally life is about turning chaos into order' - Dr. Jordan Peterson -


Organizing the family

  • Stylish Solution

    "Finally a stylish solution for my many belts!"

    - Torben S.

  • The BEST ever!

    ...the BEST belt hanger I've ever had!

    - Toby S.

  • Quality Only

    "I love when I find quality once, not crap and not have to buy twice."

    - Mohammed R.

  • Home King

    "Organising is like a form of self-respect, and Alexander Haestus hits home."

    - Sam C.

  • Kingmanship

    "Added to my wardrobe, like the king of my castle, i've now got the weapons in place."

    - Jonas H.

  • For the Pro

    "a valuable and functional organiser that's easy to use, and takes great care of my belts"

    - Max G.


Exceptional Unity

  • Valuable & Practical Design

    Our leather belt hangers are crafted with years of experience. We take great pride in our creative process, which involves combining traditional leatherworking techniques with cutting-edge design to create a belt hangers that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Quality Systems

    When every moment matters, you build a system to help get you there. Thats where we come in, backing you on your mission, day in, day out, striving to exceed expectations.

  • Exceptional Unity

    Alexander Haestus brings over a decade of experience to a vision and community of high performers who value functional and aesthetic organisation, in their journey to great lifetime success.


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